Friday, April 23, 2010

Tips to Prepare for Recording Session

You are ready to bring your talent to a professional studio. Before you do, the following tips will go a long way to making your hard work sound the best it possibly can.

-Record your songs played live, whether at a rehearsal or live gig. A simple cassette recording may help reveal weak parts of a song.
-It sounds basic, but be sure to have all of your musical and vocal parts worked out ahead of time.
-If using sequenced material, have it all ready before the session.
-For those using a click track, be sure your drummer is comfortable playing ot it.
-Plan and rehearse more songs than you plan to record. Some songs just do not sound as strong on tape as they do live. Example: if you are planning a four-song EP, prepare six songs, just to be on the safe side.

Remember, the studio can do a lot to perfect your sound, but they need quality components to start with. That is up to you, your talent and your preparation.

NOTE: For a comprehensive list of recording session preparation tips, see this article:

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