Friday, September 10, 2010

K&R All Media Equipment Sale!

Cleaning out items we no longer need... You can reap the benefits!

VTR10A Audio Video Transmitter – The VTR10A is a 1 watt unit that transmits audio and video on VHF frequencies Ch20 through 30. Don't throw out that old TV. It was designed to drive the 10 watt amp LA 10B and beam antenna together producing a range of 15 miles. This coupled with a diversity receiver from Sony made it virtually drop out proof even with obstructions. This unit and amp have been discontinued accept for export only.

MDSE-11 Mini Disc Recorder – MAKE OFFER

WJ-MX50/30 & EDEROL Tally Upgrade – It is a small logic circuit that’s installed inside the mixer. It in no way changes the functions of the mixer and leaves the RS422 port free for use with a controller. The circuit senses the selected video input sent to the mix buss and provides a corresponding contact closure. Contacts are rated up to 1 amp and can be used for a LED “bulb n battery” signal system as well. It takes two days for install and testing. It costs $250.00US Shipping your unit not included. The toll free number is 888-802-0420 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and or schedule an install. If you have experience in electrical engineering and service, we are looking for franchised installers world wide. Exports welcome. We now have an install kit for the electrical minded person.

Mackie D8B and HR824 Digidesign D-control & 003 Stuck Fader Replacement – Please call us. Mix boards like the Mackie D8B are still very popular but have a fader stick problem that is totally annoying. The old procedure was to send the entire mixer in for repairs. A costly pain in the BIG BOX ass. You do not need to do this. We have an instructional DVD to show you what we need from you so we can replace them at a majorly reduced price. Costs are $50 each and for 8 is discounted to $370. And the turn time is one business day. Not weeks without your mixer. FYI: If you plan on purchasing a used D8B check for "stickers" and wisely negotiate a better selling price. Also check for boot up software version and CPU speed. We can up those too. For the fixes and free DVD call toll free 1-888-802-0420

Duncan Fader Repairs or Replacement For Audio Mixers – Please call us. Many mix consoles like vintage Neotek Model 2 and Elite used the Duncan 10k log taper 114mm glide fader. If you want new ones we have them at $100 each. A bargain because they are out of production. However we have perfected a repair process that may work on your old fader. The cost is $45 per fader which is less than half the cost of a new one. Call us toll free 888-802-0420 and we will explain what we need to make this work.

Morley Volume Pedal – Only used once. Mint condition. Make offer!

B&W TV Monitor WV-BM500U – Mint condition. Make offer!

CA327 and aVA90 Camera adapter – Never used! Mint condition. Make offer!

4-line, 4 FS800 phone system – This is an office phone system that is so simple to connect that it should be on the cover of "DUH" magazine. All you need are four lines with RJ45 jacks that the phone company of your choice will provide. It has 4 FS800 phones and lots of wire included. It was used in a small office and would work well at home as well. It has some cosmetic wear but is fully functional and an original. You can easily find additional cards to make it have "on hold music" and up to 16 more phones.

Make an offer on any item... we need it gone! Follow the link for images and details on all items listed:

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