Friday, July 13, 2012

Where's the Film Sound Designer Budget

Where are the budgets for proper sound work and design for a motion picture? I think we all would agree that it is as important as the pictures itself. Or maybe not.
When I talk to new budding movie producers I hear the same story. “Ya Ya the sound track is important to my picture”. But when it is time to consider this part of the film, it’s the first place cuts are made. Because it comes as almost last in the line of things to finish in the making of a motion picture, and the bulk of the budget typically got spent on late night pizza and beers, it leaves little to nothing for proper audio treatment. Sound is to support the picture by giving heighten drama, pace and emotions. Not to mention an understandable dialog track. Just like your lead actor, beginning to end, episode to episode, it is the fabric that helps tie the picture together.
Not too long ago I had a film maker explain that he felt his film lost in competition because of the sound track. True as it may be and was, he promised that the next time he would employ a sound designer to take it from stage mike to finished track. I hope it is true. Producers when you look at your movie, could you listen to the sound track without the picture. Now tell me, does what you hear project the image you want to portray in your picture? Please check We are the frugal means by which you can do sound wonders to create a film that has potential for success and shows who you are. Lets talk!

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  1. A sound engineer I have worked a lot with has said when we are talking the budget and audio, no one cares about audio until it is bad, then they get it.