Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Tube Video

I have been all over You Tube Commercials for the last 3 years. Google is putting millions into developing advertising channels. MyISH, WIGS, and AwsomnerssTV are a few that come to mind. It wants to upgrade its content from simple user-generated videos and to lure more viewers and advertising. Already people are watching four billion hours of video on the site per month.

What started to happen is that user generated videos will be considered a necessary burden to bring the big business advertisers in. This will set the video content bar much higher for the typical small business. If you want to do a You Tube pitch, you better hire a professional. You Tube may eventually limit what you can say based on what they consider entertainment and advertisements. That’s free versus paid. You need to visualize your business so others know who you are. That’s what we do at K&R! Better get it in now. You may pay later.

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