Friday, August 31, 2012

Michigan Legislature makes "Production Facility Qualification Form"

Does your state have a Production Facility Qualification Form requiring you have 8 workstations, 1 soundstage, 3000 SqFt Contiguous column-free space, and a grid for “shooting” with out a generator?

In 2011 a bunch of Michigan production facilities were sent a letter announcing an amendment to MCL 125.2029h that requires minimums to be certified as a “Qualified Facility” or a “Post-production Facility”. The requirements are so ridiculous that I just had to ask if you have this in your State Legislature?

One very odd requirement is that the “facility” has a minimum of 8 work stations. It doesn’t clarify what a “work station” is. Further it doesn’t specify what the “work station” should be capable of and what software is to be installed? This ambiguity and the state not having anybody qualified to inspect and know what it takes to be a “production facility” leads me to believe my iPhone would qualify as a “work station”. Then that makes 8 for me!

Another requirement is the “Facility” have 3000 square feet of contiguous no pole space. That means K&R post production sound facility with 3000 square feet of sound rooms will not qualify. I have a post in one small storage room. Sad huh?!

Where I really fail to understand the State Legislature’s is the requirement in providing a grid with sufficient built-in electric service to “shoot” without a generator. That is all that is specified. Shoot paint ball? What’s on the grid? wooo! I am a post production Foley, Sound Design, New Music, ADR facility. I never knew a “Post-Production Facility” that does sound, needs a grid.

Of course the Legislature rule mixes as equals "Facilities" and "Post Facilities". I thought they were different and served different purposes.

Please look at links below. I’d like to hear your opinion.
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